Sri Chinmoy Plays the Cello and the Harmonium

Last modified March 25, 2012

Sri Chinmoy offers a soulful rendition of his own devotional songs, by singing and playing with the cello and the harmonium. Excerpted from a concert offered at St. Peter’s Church, NY on June 23, 2000.

From 1984 (when he offered his first Peace Concert in Koln (Cologne), Germany ) to 2007, Sri Chinmoy offered 800 concerts of soulful music, free of charge, for sincere seekers all over the world. From the most prestigious concert halls in the world (Royal Albert Hall, Sydney Opera House, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall) to small, modest venues, Sri Chinmoy sang and played his original devotional songs, and also did extemporaneous improvisations on many instruments, including the cello, the organ, synthesizers, percussion instruments and also varied instruments from many countries around the globe.

Sri Chinmoy’s aim was to share, through his music, the moments of peace and inspiration that he received through his life of prayer and meditation. In this excerpt from a concert offered at St. Peter’s Church in New York on June 23, 2000 we bathe in the simplicity, purity, sweetness and oneness of Sri Chinmoy’s music. His singing is majestic and sweet at the same time. It embodies the aspiration of the human heart; that which unites us in our common quest for the Highest in us and in others.

We hope you enjoy this music; that it may serve as one more source of inspiration and aspiration in your journey.

– Kamalakanta Nieves

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