"Every Time You Love" – Mountain Silence

Last modified January 1, 2011

‘Every Time You Love’ an album by female singing group, Mountain Silence.

Mountain-Silence tours Europe, offering free concerts of spiritual music. When you listen to their music, you can tell these students of Sri Chinmoy do not just play or sing this music, they live this music. Playing or singing the music is the act of offering it to the world at large, but long before that happens, the inner beauty and light of these songs has nested itself in their hearts, becoming part of their inner reality, which they offer here.

Artist: Mountain-Silence
Release year: 2006
Duration: 56:12
Acknowledgements: Sri Chinmoy, Mountain-Silence
Format: Advanced Audio Coding


  1. aytan

    indiremiyorum,muikler cok guzel ama
    (Turkish: I can not download, but very nice music)

  2. Radio Sri Chinmoy

    Hi Aytan, unfortunately right now you can only download the first track of each CD, we hope to change this in the coming months. Thank you!

  3. Márcia Sousa

    The song “21st century” is so beautiful! I’ll use it for my meditations. Thank you!

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