This compilation from 2017 offers a selection of meditative music from recordings of Sri Chinmoy’s students. These 15 tracks give an idea of how these groups have offered different arrangements and interpretations of Sri Chinmoy’s musical compositions. We hope you enjoy this selection of recordings and find new music to enjoy!

When we sing,
We embody and become
The power of music.
This power has a free access
To the Universal Heart.

Let us not try to understand music
With our mind.
Let us not even try to feel it
With our heart.
Let us simply and spontaneously
Allow the music-bird to fly
In our heart-sky.
While flying, it will unconditionally
Reveal to us
What it has and what it is.
What it has
Is Immortality’s message
And what it is
Is Eternity’s passage.

– Sri Chinmoy

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Albums and groups featured in this selection

Mangala’s Group
Touching the Infinite
The Vast
Glowing Grace
Monk Party
Love Prevails
Blue Flower
Live in Reykjavik
Be Happy!