This is Chapter 4 of podcast Meditation Matters that includes episodes 37 to 48 with topics as Creative visualisations and mantra in practice.

Full list

A Creative Visualisation
A Most Beautiful Child
An Anchor for the Mind
The Manifold Munificent Mystery of Mantra
Mantra in Practice (1)
Mantra in Practice (2) – AUM
Mantra in Practice (3)
A Hole in the Ground
Just a Moment
The Ultimate of Everything

Drawing on over 30 years of learning meditation techniques as a student of Sri Chinmoy, Prachar Stegemann takes the listener on a tour of the possibilities of meditation, and describes the practical necessities of creating a meditation practise.

Prachar Stegemann teaches regular meditation classes in his home city of Canberra as well as travelling frequently to give classes and workshops around the world.

These podcasts were originally created for the Canberra Meditation website.