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Minati’s Group is a female group from Germany that has recorded  a few albums of songs by Sri Chinmoy. The group includes a variety of skilled musicians, who combine a western musical style with the meditative flow of Sri Chinmoy’s music.

Peace-Song 1993 (track 7)

A sea of oneness-peace our hearts are now.
Our Lord Supreme, we bow to You, we bow.
We are breathing Your Cosmos-Harmony-Songs.
Our transformed lives are Your Vision’s Victory-Gongs.

New Year’s Message 1993 (track 8)
At his annual New Year’s concert on December 9th 1992 at Lincoln Center’s
Alice Tully Hall, Sri Chinmoy offered this message for 1993:

God is dreaming,
Newness singing,
Oneness blossoming,
Fulness dancing. 
Hope no more gropes.
Life without slopes.
Splendid depths and heights
Transform bondage-nights.

Later in the month, he elaborated on the message, saying “God has taken many, many years to create … this particular year.”For centuries, he said, the mind-power has dominated, “but now the mind-power is surrendering to the heart-power” and “brightness and luminosity have already started blossoming.”

From now on, he continued, “we will only see the song and dance of the divine forces. The undivine forces are exhausted. They have already started surrendering to the divine forces and they are ready to abide by the will of the divine forces.” (from Anahata Nada)


Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall

Irina Malikova (track 9)
(song dedicated to Irina Malikova, who led  the program of international affairs in the Gorbachev Foundation)

In your inner life
Blossoming light you are,
In your outer life
Illumining beauty you are. You are
Everybody’s increasing delight.
The Gorbachev Foundation,
In its wisdom ecstasy’s depth
Has accepted you as its very own.
Through your dream eyes and
Your reality-life sleeplessly your heart
Is singing the victory song
Of the Gorbachev Foundation.
You are your self-giving joy
And Love for the progress and
Perfection of the entire world.


Bharater Rabi (track 10)
(song dedicated to Rabindranath Tagore, who received as the first man from India the Nobel prize in literature)

O Sun of India’s sky,
O World-Poet,
O Moon of Bengal’s heart,
You were beautiful in your inner life,
You were beautiful in your outer life,
You were beauty incarnate in God’s entire creation.
Gloriously and triumphantly you secure your place
In the world-assembly with your creative force,
Supremely meaningful and fruitful
In various walks of life.

7MAY 1879

On 7 May 1979 Sri Chinmoy observed Rabindranath Tagore’s birthday with a ceremony held in the Dag Hammarskjold Auditorium.


Mountbatten (track 11)
(song dedicated to Lord Mountbatten, the last English Viceroy of India)

O high and deep Mountbatten, Mount!
Heaven’s Courage, earth’s compassion-fount.
O good Viceroy of Indian nation vast,
Your justice-wisdom-light ever shall last.
British hero, British pride and delight.
Success-progress loved your journey’s victory-fight.



Artist: Minati’s Group
Name: Seelen-Lieder
Composer: Sri Chinmoy
Release year: 1994
Duration: 1:09:58
Acknowledgements: Minati Helbig
Tracks uploaded: Ashish | Tejvan
Format: Advanced Audio Coding
Photos by Pulak

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  1. Music of the Supreme
    Eternity’s Voice
    Transforming my life
    Into Heavenly choice

    Thank you Gurudeva –
    from a wanderer of Light-Delight infinite.


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